The Northeast Surgical Meeting

Details coming soon for the next 2019 Northeast Surgical Meeting to be held in New York City across Friday, May 3rd 2019.


Decades ago, the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery (PAS), the New York Surgical Society (NYSS) and the Boston Surgical Society (BSS) would periodically convene as the “Tripartite Meeting”.  Times changed and so did participation.  Today we are grateful to the leadership of the NYSS and PAS for enthusiastically welcoming the BSS back into the fray in 2017.  Our three Societies convened for an outstanding academic and social program at the Penn Club in the heart of Manhattan.  A wonderful collaborative spirit across education and friendship was revitalized. Many stayed on across the weekend to enjoy New York City. TO LEFT: Mark Callery, MD (l-BSS), Marc Sher, MD (c-NYSS) and Babak Abai, MD (r-PAS).



The 2018 Northeast Surgical Meeting at the Union Club in downtown Philadelphia was enjoyable and successful. The event continues to grow with over 100 members and guests attending and participating. The BSS was graciously welcomed and included by Niels Martin, MD President, Philadelphia Academy of Surgery and Henry Pitt, MD, Scientific Program Officer. The social program and reception to conclude the day was relaxing and uniting. You may learn more about the 2018 meeting from the event program.

Please visit the New York Surgical Society website

Please visit the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery website

Thomas Fahey, MD (L-NYSS)   Jennifer Tseng, MD (R-BSS) Debate
The Union Club
Lincoln Room
Philadelphia, PA
Evening Reception 2018



The BSS Executive Council has set as a 2020 goal to welcome The Northeast Surgical Meeting to Boston.  With everyone’s input and participation, we can realize a great event!

If you would like to participate in the planning and execution of this goal, please let the BSS know using the “Contact Us” website link.

Updates on how to register and attend the 2019 meeting in NYC will be posted here and in Upcoming Events as soon as available.